Friday, June 28, 2013

Securing the U.S. Border for Dummies

Years ago I came up with a plan to secure our southern border, although I'm sure most politicians wouldn't like it because it's too simple. My plan is sure to be dismissed for not understanding the complexities of the problem. Well, as I recall Reagan promised to address the border issue in 1986 when we granted amnesty, and 27 years later we've still got no plan.  

For what it's worth, here are some of my ideas:

1) The border between US and Mexico is 1,969 miles long. Build a fence that works, from one end to the other.

2) Station a US soldier every half mile, that's 3,938 soldiers. What? We're short on soldiers, you say? Pull them out of Afghanistan and let them come home and serve their duty here. These soldiers will utilize foot and motorized patrols within their assigned areas.

3) Establish posts every 5-10 miles along the border where soldiers eat, sleep and maintain communications with other posts and headquarters.  This would allow soldiers the ability to get to and from posts in a hurry. Total number of posts - 393.

4) Establish headquarters units every 100 miles which = roughly 19 HQ units. Each HQ unit supervises the posts within its jurisdiction. Also, housing, food, and medical care should be available here not just for soldiers but for the illegal immigrants who are captured. We don't have to leave them to die out there. Before we send them back we can and should treat them humanely. It's the right thing to do.

5) Rotate the soldiers duty every year. Give every soldier an opportunity to serve in the one-year post. Hell, include all five branches of the military. I served in the Coast Guard and while we are a seagoing service we were definitely no strangers to dealing with this issue.

6) Have the border patrol work jointly with the soldiers stationed at the border.

7) Don't use unmanned drones to replace human beings, use them to assist. Live human beings patrolling the border are still the most effective means of preventing illegal border crossings.

Those are just a few of the many ideas I've jotted down. 

So now the question looms: How will we pay for this? 


We're already paying for it. 

We've got bases all over the world, troops all over the place. Bring some of them home, especially those who have been away from their families for so long. We're paying these soldiers anyway, all we're doing is relocating them. Also, we spend a lot of money on a lot of nonsense in this country, time to take some of it and finish the fence, build the necessary structures and manpower required for this project.

In the meantime, while we're doing all of the above, we can put into place measures to deal with the illegal immigrants already here. Think realistically here--we can't deport millions of people. We can't separate children from their parents. What we can do is sit down at the table together and talk about a realistic humane approach to this issue. There's a solution, there's always a solution, it's just not perfect, but there is one we can live with...we will have to live with because we don't have a choice. We have to do something. It's time to put politics aside and think in realistic terms.

However, nothing starts before we have an effective plan to seal the border. Any proposed plan that does not include this and place it as the #1 priority is not a sensible plan. 

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  1. Ginny Wannagat6/28/2013

    Sorry, politicians don't grok "realistic". Doesn't get them re-elected. Anyhow, I agree about the military doing the job...we already HAVE them and are paying them to defend us...just too logical!!