Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Somebody needs to pay for all my children. Somebody needs to be held accountable and they need to pay."

In late 2011, Angel Adams of Tampa found herself evicted from her apartment. She and twelve of her fiteen children, aged six months to eleven years, fathered by three different men, one of whom was in jail, were in a one-bedroom hotel room when the owner of the hotel called WFLA Channel 8 to come in and investigate.

Watch the video. Your heart will break for those kids and you will want to choke that mother. Her landlord and other agencies tried to help her. They paid her rent, bought her furniture, paid for her food but she claims that when her fiance, the father of ten of her kids went to jail, everything went to shit. Eventually DCF got involved and rightly so though her sister said before DCF came along she was doing fine on her own. Really? I don't think so. And never once did she acknowledge everything that had been done for her and those kids.

Below WFLA Channel 8 Tampa's compilation of video about her. You really need to watch the video. Oh but ...it gets better. In this story from 2013 (see link), WFLA Channel 8 revisits the situation in the story that follows.

Here's this story update from January 2013.  Excerpt:

"After the online comments were posted, Adams became defensive in a later interview saying "Well, I tell those people, I do pay for them, I have been paying for them and that's why I'm where I'm at today." Adams claimed she and Gary Brown Sr. were working to pay for the children's care until Brown was arrested. Adams told WFLA, "I worked at numerous jobs. I worked at National Linen Company and I worked at daycares and I worked at different places so I work just like anybody else."

Over the next several months the Florida Department of Children and Families worked to find Adams and her children a home. Two years after she first made the news, Adams called WFLA reporter Jeff Patterson to say she needed help again. Adams claimed police kicked in the door of her home to arrest one of her sons, and used a taser on her during the confrontation. Adams was upset because she was pregnant again and she was worried about her unborn child.

Adams brought WFLA into her home to talk about her confrontation with police. She explained, "The officers were like yelling and cursing." Inside the multi-room home, every bedroom was filled with furniture and bunk beds. Some of Adams' small children were asleep in the beds. Adams explained how officers confronted one of her sons, accusing him of throwing rocks at a home in the neighborhood. Adams showed WFLA a broken door on the front of her home and said that officers had kicked it in. "He kicked this one, pushed this one open, the lady behind him and then he pushed me out the way over here like this." Adams claimed a male and female police officer forced their way into her home, threw her onto her bed face down and then used a taser when she could not put her hands behind her back.

Tampa Police told a much different story. A police spokesperson explained that when officers went to the Adams home, she reacted violently and that Adams and at least one of her adult children jumped on an officer and fought them violently. The police spokesperson says Adams then closed and locked her door, trapping one officer on the inside of her home and shutting the other officer outside.

Adams and a daughter were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, but later avoided jail by agreeing to enter a pre-trial intervention program."

And so she was pregnant AGAIN! Number 16. Now, we have two problems here: 1) We have thirteen children under the age of 18 who are growing up in a very fucked up environment and 2) We have a woman who continues to get pregnant and rely on the taxpayers to bail her out.

Screw politics...of course the right thing to do is help the kids but at the same time we CANNOT enable the deadbeat parents, which is what we're doing. So long as this woman continues to pop out kids, you and I are paying for them. What are we doing to do about that? While we have to help the kids, how do we refrain from rewarding shitty choices and lack of personal responsibility?  Just because she's poor and black does not mean Angel Adams can't make rational choices. If she knows how to get pregnant, she sure as hell knows how not to get pregnant!

It pisses me off that people like Angel Adams claim they have a right to this and a right to that but at the same time they refuse to acknowledge that they have any responsibilities for making the right choices.