Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dammit people...start taking care of your pets!!!

I'm about to rant here so if you don't want to read it, now is the time to move on. I'm surely going to offend some people but right now, after what I just saw, I don't give a damn.

When you take an animal in, you take complete responsibility for it. You feed and water it, provide it with good shelter (and that does NOT include chaining it up outside all day) and you take it to the vet for its shots and checkups.

You do not let your dog ride on top of the toolbox on the back of your pickup truck because "he likes the breeze". Have you no brain in your head? One stop short and that dog goes FLYING into the back of the truck and is severely injured or killed OR the dog flies into the windshield of the car behind you!

When you take your dogs hunting, you need to bring home the same number of dogs you left with. You let them loose in the woods, you have a responsibility to make sure they get home. You don't just give up and leave them there for someone else to find...or as happens often...leave them to die out there from lack of food and water.

When you take an animal in, you don't let it run free because you think they like it. They're the animal, you're the human, you are in charge, you have the responsibility for its well being. Animals are not equipped to know the dangers that lie ahead, YOU ARE!. Animals that roam free are in danger--of being run over by a car, shot by hunters, bitten by snakes or other animals, or they wind up lost and can't find their way home so they wind up dying of starvation and dehydration.

It is irresponsible and cruel to let your animal just wander all over the damn place. I don't care if that's how you were raised, it's WRONG. My parents didn't raise us like that. Our pets had collars, they had their shots, they were well-fed and always had fresh water. We put up a fence so when they ran around outside they would be safe. It's not that difficult a concept, you just have to give a damn.

It is heartbreaking to see a poor dog or cat laying in the middle of the road, with drool coming out of its mouth because its either starving, dehydrated or rabid, unable to move anything more than its head because it is so sick and exhausted. It is so sad to see dogs and cats lying dead on the side of the road because they've been hit by cars.

There are people out there who would counter me and say "my animals roam and they are just fine" and all I can say is that is ignorant. One of these days it COULD be your animal out there and when something happens, it will be YOUR fault.

These are living, breathing creatures and we as human beings, have the responsibility to care for them, to keep them safe.. DAMMIT PEOPLE....DO THE RIGHT THING!

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