Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Last Ship: Trials

"When they tell the story about the great plague in the 21st century, 
they'll talk about you. 

The six."

"We just risked everything to save your sorry ass so that you can lead."
"I told you God put me here for a reason."

"I never had the chance to thank you."

"Kara's pregnant."

"Don't you dare leave me!"

"Who did I think I was? That I could solve this?"

"We have a vaccine?"

"We don't just have a vaccine, we have the cure."

It worked!

Darien realizes the truth.

You knew. 

You knew someone was going to die. You just didn't know who. I literally was on the edge of my seat waiting for that inevitable moment. Some people say it should've been obvious but I wasn't about to assume anything.

I have a few (yeah, right!) random thoughts on this episode, in no particular order:

CMC Jeter. Knowing his past, what he'd been through, that he was so willing to sacrifice himself, to help his crew, mankind, and yes, to make amends for his soul for killing his family, I could see the possibility of his death in this episode and the thought of it was heartbreaking. I feel that Jeter is constantly in pursuit of absolution and I hope that someday he'll find it. His death would've been the most devastating loss for this crew and the fans because his character despite all his pain is a rock for the entire crew. Not to mention he's beloved to us all. Looking back, losing him in the ninth episode of the first season was highly unlikely but still it would've been a shocker.

Tex. He's been with us since the beginning. At first we didn't know what to think of him but he grew on us. His quirky sense of humor at the most inopportune moments makes him endearing. Under that rough and rugged warrior exterior is a man who has suffered pain. His hallucinatory confession to Rachel, "You make me wanna love again" was heartfelt and heartbreaking. You can't help but want to know more about this man and his secrets. And from what we saw in that locket, he has them. 

Bill Smitrovich. Yay! I love Bill, he's a great guy and huge supporter of the troops and as a veteran I just love the hell out of that. And he's been on my television screen since I was a teenager watching his Detective Danny Krychek alongside Dennis Farina in Crime Story. Thrilled that he's back and this time as Chandler's father. I hope he's in for the long haul because he adds to any show he's on.

Rachel's God complex. Okay some people say she has one. I don't. I just think she's a dedicated scientist who will stop at nothing to find the answer (reminds me a bit of House!) because that's who she is. Rachel is tasked with an enormous burden--find the vaccine that can save the world. That's a HUGE responsibility to place on just one person!  Science is not exact, Rachel knows this and yet she beat herself up over Maya's death. She, like Slattery and Chandler, is committed to her profession, and does not take failure lightly, and nor should she. Her relentless pursuit of a vaccine is heroic but it comes with a cost. She feels personally responsible for the human losses and it overshadows her confidence. I like that. It makes her human. At the end of the day, we know Rachel will pick herself up and forge ahead. Again, that's who she is.

Quincy. Early on Quincy took a moment to thank Chandler for all he'd done. He acknowledged he didn't deserve it after all he'd done to the crew and while Chandler didn't argue it, he simply accepted by telling Quincy they needed to finish what they started. In the beginning I defended Quincy and remained hopeful for the redemption of his character and I believe we have it, allowing us to put Quincy's past bad deeds in perspective, in the past and move on.

Foster & Green. Wow! Who of us expected that shocker? Just when I was sure that Green and Foster were through, this is thrown into the mix. I'll admit after the way he treated her earlier this season, it was touching to see their interactions in this episode. I also noted how Chandler and Slattery watched them as well. Both men understood. Gotta say being pregnant in the middle of a plague is a pretty nasty situation and I don't see her having this baby. However, I will say this, as much as I have thoroughly hated the idea of a Green/Foster relationship, this is actually the first time I've rooted for them as a pair. But I don't think this is going to end pretty, not by any means.

Last but not least:  

Carry On!

Overall this was a great episode. And I didn't curse. Not even once! What in hell is wrong with me? The writers must be slacking! Must make up for that in the finale!

Trials was very emotional with many great moments like Slattery telling Chandler he was right about Rachel, Tex cracking jokes, Quincy's humble thank you to Chandler, Jeter hallucinating and wanting to be with his girls, Green telling Foster she's pregnant, Chandler telling Slattery to let the crew visit as it might be their last chance, Maya saying that her boyfriend would likely be the only one to miss her, Miller telling Maya that even if no one misses her he will, Garnett singing to Foster as if she were her child, Tex's gut-wrenching confession to Rachel, Rachel nearly breaking down, Quincy trying to convince Rachel she could do this, Bertrise waking up to the realization that her blood worked, Slattery fighting the tears as he watched what was happening to his crew, and Chandler and Rachel's embrace at the end.

They made me cry!

I really want to learn more about the members of the crew we don't see very often like Garnett, Chung, and Miller. Garnett has an especially interesting job, she's a female Chief Engineer. Having served myself, I understand the ups and downs of women sailors but she's an officer and she's in charge of the department. I'd love to see more of her. I like that she's a role model to the people who work under her, especially Chung. As to Chung (yes, Andy here's your shout out!) he's smart and funny and he's a hard worker, determined to do well and make his superiors proud of him. He's easily likeable. And Miller? He's grown on me. His character is young but he's got potential and he's got a good heart as we saw in his interactions with Maya. And I think under the watchful eye of Burk, he'll go far.

Though the penultimate episode, Trials is a critical because it sets up the finale and with only one hour to go in the season, you can bet a lot is going to go down and fast too.  Be prepared to pay attention because a lot is going to happen!

They've got a prototype vaccine, they can immunize and cure but...they have to manufacture it which means they have to go home. And that will no doubt be very dangerous.

Chandler's family is in Virginia and just like anywhere else it's a dangerous place probably run by survivalists imposing martial law and shooting first, asking questions later. Darien Chandler is infected with the virus and it's only a matter of time before the kids and their grandfather are too. This is going to be brutal. Will there be a vaccine available to them? And if so, how much will Rachel be able to manufacture? Will Chandler be forced to choose between his children, his wife and his father? That would make for some serious storytelling. How do you choose?

Slattery has lost a son to this, I don't even think he's been able to grieve yet. I would really like to see the toll this has taken on the crew when they find out the fate of their families when they get back home.

We also have to ask the question: Will the virus mutate? Will Rachel be able to manufacture it?


We have exactly one week. One. And you can bet I'll be sitting in my recliner doing the live-tweet and shouting at my television as it unfolds. Expect a very hearty dose of OMG!, HOLY SHIT!, WTF? NOOOO!, OHNOHEDIDNT!, SON OF A BITCH! in the next installment...

And oh yeah, you made Slattery cry...
But then you  made him laugh, so it's okay.


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  2. Anonymous8/19/2014

    Love the recaps and will be sad when the season is over. You'll write next season, right?

  3. YES! ANOTHER WINNER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What? No cursing? Better luck in episode ten. That's going to be a winner! Thanks for writing.

  5. This is awesome...Thanks for writing.

  6. Yay the recap! It was wonderful of course!

    Kara being pregnant scares me to some extent because of everything she went through during the trial. Rachel said the baby would be born immune. That’s great news of course, but who knows what affect the seizure, the fever, and everything else had on their baby. I just don’t see them having a happy ending either and I fear at least one of them will die. I certainly hope it’s not the case, but I feel like they’re setting up heartbreak.

    Chandler not being able to save his entire family would be a heartbreakingly believable scenario that the writers could very well go with. I have to wonder though, how much are they going to show us in the finale? A lot will happen, but it will have to end with a major cliffhanger and leave us with numerous unanswered questions. Who, if any of them, will know the fate of their families until next season?

    I can’t believe it’s almost over. It just doesn’t seem right. There should be so many more episodes left. I’ll be back to dreading Sunday nights.

  7. Love your blog posts Jess! I wonder if the Jamaican girl and the seaman who helped save her will hook up!