Monday, August 17, 2015

The Last Ship: Friendly Fire

First things first.

My stance during the entire investigation!


"I know that nothing makes sense to you right now, Rachel and I know that you're angry.
Use that anger to change things, to fight for something you believe in."

"There's no sex on the ship."

"I do know this. Wouldn't be one on the ship would be here if not for you.
So, me? I wouldn't change a thing about you.
Oh, you're ruthless, baby. That's why we're alive today."
"Sir, from what Miller and O'Connor reported, the crew not only suspects Niels was murdered, 
they also believe senior leadership condoned it or even ordered it."

"You summoned me."

"So if you're planning on doing what I think you are, 
I suggest you do it soon, before they lock you out of the lab."

"Did you do it?"

"I looked into the eyes of the monster who stole everything that I held dear to me and I thought, 'I'm gonna take the lungs of the man who nearly destroyed the human race, and I'm gonna use those lungs to save it.'  I didn't have to kill him to make the breakthrough. I could have got exactly what I needed and spared his life. But as I witnessed that virus do to him what it did to so many, as I watched his last, noxious breath leave his body, all I could think of was that he died too quickly."

"All hands, man your battle stations."

"As a commander in the United States Navy, I'm not authorized to sentence you for your crimes at sea. But if we ever find a safe place to make port, I will turn you over to civilian authorities, 
and you will answer for your crime."

Oy vey!

I can't even tell you how many times I shouted that during this episode. In fact, this episode had me yelling and screaming to the point my cats are ready to move in with Marissa now! (Marissa do you hear this? Make room!)

I get the need for law and order especially aboard a military vessel but given who Niels is and what he's done to the world and who Rachel is and what she's done for the world, you'd think they'd just say fuck it and give her a pass. I mean who gives a flying rat's ass about Niels? I don't think if you asked any of the five billion people he killed if they were concerned, that they'd utter a peep. Of course, they're dead so it's not like they can say anything anyway... LOL!

Anyway, Chandler couldn't let it go and so they conducted an investigation, took statements, gathered evidence and wrote reports. And in the end, all leads pointed to Rachel.

Sometimes I hate that the Libra in me sees both sides of an issue. Dammit. I see Chandler's POV, after all in a civilized society you've got to have rules and order. And even though civilized society has gone to hell, we're talking about a military vessel where civilized is still the order of the day and in order to do their job and be above reproach, they've got to abide by a strict set of rules. That's especially true in times of crisis and catastrophe.  That said, we're talking about Niels fucking Sorenson---the guy who killed five billion people and I so see Rachel's point...quite clearly.

Chandler struggles with his heart vs. his head.  His heart probably says "good riddance to that motherfucker" but his head is all Navy and it tells him that law and order must prevail. And boy you can tell he's pissed off at Rachel for putting him in that position. For Tom Chandler the world is black and white, there is no gray. Gray means compromise. There is no compromise on a Navy warship. In order for Chandler to command that ship, he has to have the respect of his crew. They must believe in him and be willing to follow him to the ends of the earth. He can't compromise his ideals....not even for the woman who as Slattery calls it, "is the cure".

What makes Rachel tick?
Rachel's an interesting character. I like to know what makes her tick, what's behind her resolve and determination. She's sacrificed a personal life for her work. There's a reason for that. And now we finally get a real glimpse into Rachel and why she's the way she is. She watched her mother die because her father didn't believe in the medicine. The flashbacks were perfectly interwoven in the episode right where they belonged and it was great. Rachel is a scientist and her devotion to the cure goes right back to her mother's illness. Of course she'd stop at nothing to prevent unnecessary deaths. Of course Niels likely reminded her of her father, who played God, preventing her mother from receiving the lifesaving treatment.

If there as an MVP for this ep, it'd have to be Tex.
Could Tex be any more adorable? That moment when he visited Rachel was beautiful. Rachel needs a friend and right now she has just one--Tex. She could tell him anything right now and he'd keep her secret.  He knows what to say and when and that moment he basically thanked her for saving him, the crew, the rest of the world. He believes too that she is responsible for saving mankind. And damn she needed to hear that. Tex has faith in her that at times I don't think she has in herself. Tex is the kind of guy who, once he's on your side, he's on your side for life. I feel like something more will come of this. It may wind up pitting Tex against Chandler, I don't know, but I feel like Tex is always going to be in Rachel's corner. Tex, like Rachel isn't military, he doesn't abide by military codes, but he has his own code and one of his codes is loyalty and he is extremely loyal to Rachel. I think now she realizes that. She's going to be a very lonely person onboard this ship in the episodes to come and I think it'll be Tex that saves her from it all.

Ravit & Burk.
These two. I don't even know what to say except WTF was that we witnessed? Now I'm not one for throwing romantic interludes in on this show but what's going on between them is hilarious.  I don't know where this is going but it's certainly entertaining.

Prepare for battle.
That whole battle scene. Hello? Seriously well done. These guys know how to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was shouting. There was cursing. There was upward movement out of my recliner.

That means it was a damn great scene.

Chandler yelled "FIRE!" and the hair stands up on the back of my neck. The five inch rotates and I'm like YEAH BABY!  I can't help it, when the Nathan James goes into battle mode I'm like OH HELL TO THE FUCK YEAH!

On Michener, okay maybe it's just me.
Dammit why can't I let this go? Am I the only one, when toward the end of the episode when Chandler asked Michener if he knew who might be behind the Valkyrie thing, Michener just had this weird look on his face? Does he know something? Again, you know from past recaps, I love Michener, I think he's the real deal. But that look on his face just gave me the impression he does know something. Does anyone else sense that? Or am I crazy here?

Final thoughts.
All in all, I thought this was an excellent episode, including some Emmy worthy moments there. You really really have to love the way this crew comes together to battle the enemy. It's like a well-oiled machine.  You can't help but feel proud watching them kick enemy ass.

I'm curious to see how things play out for Rachel. How many friends will she have, other than Tex?

That final scene between Rachel and Tom was in a sense, heartbreaking. They'd come to a mutual respect and admiration for one another. They'd become friends. And can Chandler respect or befriend someone who clearly doesn't share his ideals? Clearly he feels she disrespected him and his job, not to mention every sailor aboard the Nathan James. When she killed Niels she killed what respect she had from him, from nearly everyone. It was a very sad moment. You know this can't last forever but I wonder what will have to happen for her to gain his respect again.

Shout out to the cast and crew for another great job. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode because now it's truly the Nathan James vs. the rest of the world. Everyone thinks they're the bad guy. They have to get their hands on the Ramsey brothers in order to save themselves...and the world.

But what will they sacrifice to do this?


  1. wow, those immunes are smart! messing with the video & using those cell phones. that was great. what are they going to do about dr. scott. she was all "i'd do it again" (which made her even cooler) but awkward for the captain. another good scene with them dealing with torpedoes. i like that ravit & Burk is moving slowly. i honestly don't know how they keep putting out these great episodes.