Monday, August 24, 2015

The Last Ship: Valkyrie

Remember when...

"Murdock. I'm comin' to get you."

And he did? 
Umm, yeah. 

I'd say it's about damn time the USS Nathan James goes all Rambo on the Ramsey boys!

I'd say having a bad day was probably a major understatement here...

 "We got two more bodies coming out of the water, look like children.
We got a large craft fire. Dozens of folks still inside.
We need to find my daughter! Her name is Anabelle! Please! We can't find them! Their boat just blew up!
Please come quick! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! It's bad.
Oh, man. Look what the Navy did to us."

"I ask you during this time of crisis and chaos to remember who we are as a people. This plague has killed many, but let's not let it divide us any longer. We are still one nation. Join us."

I can't believe they shot me in the ass!"

I. Can't. Even

"Today we grieve, but tomorrow, we do press on. We continue to answer the call, 'here I am.'"

"Rachel, thank you."

This episode was out of the ballpark! Where exactly is a person supposed to begin? I'm not going to go over every detail, you witnessed it. Magnificent! Here are some noteworthy moments!

Rachel & Chandler
Well that ice didn't stay frozen for long, did it? Did any of us really think that Chandler was going to stay pissed off at Rachel forever? He just lost four of his crew, they are facing insurmountable odds, and the last thing he needs is more stress. Just stop Cap'n, smell the roses and appreciate the fact that Rachel did far more good when she offed that son of a bitch a few eps ago. Can't we all just get along?

That oil rig scene.
Before I begin, did anyone else wonder how in hell that small boat armed with the RPG got that close to the oil rig without the Nathan James spotting it? in hell is a person supposed to handle that oil rig scene? I mean seriously, I was out of my chair screaming at my TV. (How is this different from any OTHER Sunday night?) You just got the feeling something bad was going to happen and that wasn't helped by Steven Kane's totally NOT cryptic tweet about there being a  lot of crying and shit during the filming of certain scenes in that ep. But really it was well-played with excellent timing and had the entire fandom doing a collective WHAT THE EVERLOVING HELL WAS THAT?!?! 

POTUS passes the test
Oh you Mark Moses....(she says shaking her finger) you're good. You had me believing there was a remote possibility you might not be on the level, even though I defended you to the world. Thankfully people, I can now say that I am off the "there's something shifty with POTUS" bandwagon because I didn't see any signs of it in this episode. So maybe it really was me, it's been known to happen. I'll admit I was pretty proud of that video that Michener did with Slattery. Very inspirational and perfectly Presidential.

If there wasn't a smartass comment in each episode, it'd be like a day without sunshine. I mean seriously, they shot him in the ass! Who of us wasn't rolling when he yelled that?  Oh wait...before we go on I need to discuss something with you all.

Look at Johnny's amazing what a face full of hair will do to a guy eh? He cleans up nicely which reminds me of the time I tried to get my 97-year old grandmother to watch House, M.D. and she refused because in her words, "he looks like a bum!" I tried to tell her the greatness she was missing out on but she'd have none of that. So my guess is she wouldn't have liked Tex either. You can't judge a great actor by his character's amount of facial hair or the disturbing lack of good grooming habits. But I digress...

Anyway, the great thing about Tex's character is the writers don't overdo it with him. They know just the right things for him to say at just the right moment to make it work. Tex isn't a talkative guy, he likes to sit back and watch things going on around him, so when he says something, it means something. His lines are so perfectly timed and in sync with the rest of what's going on around him. It's a tribute to good writing and good acting.

RIP Chung & Ravit
Uggh....that horrible scene when all the injured were in one room and they were desperately trying to keep Chung and Ravit alive. Granderson's mournful whines, Burk holding Ravit's hand. Talk about heartbreaking. We were warned this would be a tough episode and they were right. After the tragic deaths of Chung & Ravit, the only thing I could think of was which one, Burk or Wolf, was going to get vengeance. Of course then there's Garnett. Don't discount her, she can old her own when she's packing.

All in all it was a great episode. And you KNOW it's going to be a great episode when four minutes into the episode you're already on a tirade. Which I was. Four minutes. I think that's a record.

Anyway, I cried. I mean. Really. Cried. And my cats cried too. But mostly I think that was because Marissa didn't offer to share any of her snacks with them. I explained it's difficult to do that when Aunt Marissa is on the OTHER COAST! (You hear that Marissa? We need to work on virtual reality snacks for Peepers, Pebbles, and Baby Kitty!)

So where were we? I cried. Then I was pissed.

Poor Wolf, Ravit was like a sister to him. He'd die for her. And Burk, he cared about her too and felt a connection deeper than friendship. Dammit, I should've prepared myself because experience has taught me showrunners can be evil SOBs when they want to be! 

And then we need to talk about something else....YOU MADE BURK CRY!

Didn't we discuss that a few recaps ago? About how under no circumstances were you to make Burk cry? I mean Burk has this face, when he's stunned or sad, and you can't help but want to give him a hug and say "it's okay man, you're gonna be okay."

And you went and did it anyway. That poor guy. That's okay...I can't wait to see him get it out of his system when he and Wolf take on the Ramsey boys. And they will. Oh. Yes.

Now, did I miss anything? OMG yeah. I'd have to say that as much as Tex seems to win MVP awards week after week, this week's goes to Chandler. Hands. Down. Now you don't even have to ask why because you already know.

"So I created Valkyrie to help expose the truth behind the plague."
"The truth? Well, shit. You got it all figured out. But you forgot the most important part of the conspiracy--
the only way we were able to spread the flu so quickly...
The aliens.
From planet batshit crazy.
They were sneezing all over the place."

LOOK AT ANDY! Isn't he just adorable.


There, it's out of my system. I'm biased, Andy's my buddy, a great guy, funny, sassy and full of life. So I'm going to just say that I will miss the shit out of Chung but I've still got Andy so it's all good.

Now about that batshit crazy thing. It was beautiful. Well-played sir. Chandler's facial expressions, his tone of voice, the dialogue....I laughed so hard.

So we're about to learn more about Valerie and her Valkyrie project. I like that she got to see the truth about the crew of the Nathan James. She's got something to offer them (as did Rachel) and she's the one who can help save them (as did Rachel). I like Valerie, she's smart and quick-witted. I think she and Rachel will either get along great because they're alike or they'll hate each other because they're alike. We're about to find out.

I've saved the best for last because just when I thought I'd seen it all, I realized I hadn't...
"See this? Come here. My manifesto...We're like Moses and Aaron.
The people are following us, and the seas are parting at our feet."

Oh this was just too good to pass up.  Not only has Sean penned a fucking manifesto but now they're "Biblical." I was laughing so hard. And Ned's reaction to his brother, he's so annoyed. It was great. Moses and Aaron. Parting the red sea.  Beautiful guys, don't ever change!

One more thing....there is a disturbing lack of Slattery in these recent eps. Now don't get me wrong, he kicks ass in every scene he's in but Slattery is a commanding presence and it would be awesome if he got more screen time. In fact, I'll go a step further, keep CHANDLER on the Nathan James a bit and have him send SLATTERY out with the tactical team!  Imagine the greatness of Slattery leading the team on the ground in a hostile situation. He's a cop, if ANYONE can do it, HE can!


  1. i was not expecting those deaths. it was really emotional, they did a really great job. the tumblrina on the rig even had the multi-colored hair. at least she started to see she was wrong. the president did give a good speech, he's won me over. they keep losing to ramsey, hopefully valkyrie will teach them how to fight a 21st century tech/pr-war.

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