Monday, September 07, 2015

The Last Ship: A More Perfect Union

It began as just another peaceful day in a post apocalyptic America...

 And then this happened...

The Fandom. 
Forty minutes into the finale.

The Fandom.
Fifty minutes into the finale.

So yeah, that happened.
Do you even have to ask?

Because it was so damn good.

Nice...throwing in Tex's daughter and Jeter's in-laws into that scene. 
I didn't notice it until I watched the second time to do the recap! Ha! You got me!!!

"I'm sorry for the onions."
Oh Miller, you're adorbs! Don't ever change!

I don't know about you guys but in a fight between McDowell & POTUS, 
I'm definitely going with POTUS. 
I know which side my bread is buttered on.
Not to mention I'd love a cushy Cabinet position :)

 "I will try and reach you back on this frequency once I know what the situation is there.
Until then, I need you to stand by and wait to hear from me, okay?"

Uh oh. Major FUBAR!

Which resulted in...
I counted 36 people. 

Though he tried to make it right...
And seriously...could you stay mad at this guy?

You made Tex cry!
But they were tears of happiness, so that's okay.
That said...I'm pretty certain 100% of the fandom loves Tex.

That's a piss-poor salute.
If only we'd known what this dumbass was planning.
By the way, have you ever searched "dumbass" in the Urban dictionary?
Treat yourself.


I was screaming and tweeting simultaneously during this scene!!!!
Is that...Tweaming? Screeting? 

Don't even ask me how long it took me to screencap this. Just enjoy it. I know I did!

Chief of Naval Operations? 
Chandler? In an office?
Not for long! 

Fallen comrades...

Tex wearing Garnett's cover.
And they're singing.
And they're so friggin' drunk.
And it's great isn't it?

These two make a great team, don't ya think?

It was all going good. People were telling stories, getting engaged, drinking, singing, having a blast and then this wanker (for lack of a better term and many thanks to my Brit friends for introducing me to THAT term!) reappeared and then...


So there we were, the entire fandom reveling in the greatness of the episode. A cure spread, a POTUS sworn-in, our crew dressed in their Service Dress Blues and Crackerjacks drinking, singing, toasting and generally having a great time. And then BAM! We were all left with our mouths collectively hanging open in an equally collective...


I yelled at my TV.
I cursed.
I threw my remote.
It was as it has always been.
And it was perfect.

What an amazing end to an amazing season.

I felt an immense sense of pride and relief when the USS Nathan James pulled into the port of St. Louis to a crowd of thousands. I love the idea of St. Louis as the new Capitol. It's the heartland, the gateway from east to west and it's got the mighty Mississippi to protect it. I thought that was a brilliant move!

The celebrations at the end were a lot of fun and also very heartfelt. We said goodbye to some beloved Nathan James crew we lost in both seasons. We watched Green "propose" to Foster, we saw Jeter, so tortured still about the death of his wife and daughters years ago, finally be forgiven and embraced by his in-laws. We watched the POTUS take charge and lead. It was a beautiful thing!

The episode was highly emotional and necessary, because this has been quite a journey (for us all!). This crew has sacrificed so much. and it was time they saw the fruits of their labors even if it's just for a short time.

This finale gave us a chance to enjoy the victory that came at great sacrifice while also opening new doors and laying the foundation for next season. Speaking of...what's next? Good question but I'm not making any predictions. I said in the penultimate episode recap I wasn't going to speculate what could happen next season. There's just no way to even begin and besides, you know showrunners, they always do everything opposite of what you think they're going to do! So far Steven Kane and Hank Steinberg have gotten it right so I'm just going with the flow.

By the way, before I end this, just want to give a shout out to Steven & Hank for the great Shakespeare references throughout the season. Well-played sirs!

Kudos to the cast, crew and fans for making this yet another memorable season!

Until next summer!

Fair Winds and Following Seas


  1. Anonymous9/13/2015

    This is such a great show. The quality of this show is out of this world. Your review, was just as great. Looking forward to next season.

  2. for a minute there i thought this was the series finale. the president moving the capital & an inauguration, they beat that immune guy & spread the cure. the ship is in dry dock for months. everything was being tied up in a neat little bow but then that last scene wtf! she better be alive. this show should be winning emmys & golden globes.

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