Friday, December 11, 2015

Different is good...

So many people on my social media timelines are pissed off about their friends political views. Friends don't like friends supporting Trump or Hillary or Rubio or Cruz or who the hell ever. Friends don't like friends supporting laws favoring gun rights or laws favoring gun control. Friends don't like friends supporting Democratics or Republicans or Independents or Libertarians or Socialists or any other party they don't agree with.  Friends don't like friends supporting open immigration or supporting closed borders.  The list of things dividing people goes on and on and on.

And throughout all this, I just keep thinking how boring life would be if we were all alike....thinking and doing the same things. At first, it may seem safe to insulate ourselves with people who think and do like us but in the long doesn't help us grow. It doesn't nurture the best part of who we are. That seems such a waste, don't you think?

That old phrase "Variety is the spice of life" is so true. We get our kicks not from the same old thing but from that something different!

Sure, there are times we need the point-of-view of people who think like us and times when we need the point-of-view of people who don't. We need a variety of friends, experiences, and points-of-view. The interactions and discussions---it challenges us!

Life is short. Go meet people, all kinds of people! Get to know them. Open your heart, your mind.  You will not regret it. Sure..similar is good, but different is good too.

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  1. I'm glad you said this, Jess!

    I like talking to people with different points of view. And I don't really want one side to win, usually, because these positions need to balance each toehr out. I mean, I don't believe exactly the same thing every day - I have arguments with myself all the time. The outside world should reflect that complexity on handling things in society.