Monday, December 07, 2015

Life is about choices...

Don't for a moment believe that in any situation, there isn't a choice. There is always a choice. Doing nothing is as much a choice as doing something. The hardest thing about choices is that the right one, which is usually what we struggle with, is not always the easiest one to make. If only it were, this world would be a hell of a lot better off.

Often times choices mean taking chances on the unknown and let's face it, the unknown can be scary. That fear of what might happen can be pretty strong and it prevents us from making choices that could, in the end, potentially enhance our lives. Yeah, there's a possibility we don't choose so wisely and it backfires and well, we just have to chalk it up to one of life's lessons. And is that really so bad? Is making the wrong choice a bad thing? Not necessarily, especially if we learn from it. There may be consequences but if it makes us better people.....

But what if that choice isn't the wrong one?  What if it actually pays off? Opens up new doors? New possibilities?

If we never take the chance, how will we ever know? 

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