Sunday, March 13, 2016

Friendship before politics.

Recently, some of my facebook friends have boldly stated that if their friends support a particular candidate or platform, they should unfriend right now.

I find that ridiculous but that's just me. If I don't agree with your political views, I'm not going to unfriend you, I'm just not going read them. That's because in my world, when I'm friends with someone it generally has nothing to do with politics.

I have friends whose political views are all over the place. They are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Independent, Socialist party at all.

They are hardcore conservatives, hardcore liberals and moderate in-betweens.

I have vehemently agreed and strongly disagreed with some of them to the point of arguments that got more than a little heated. Most of the time when discussions get really heated at least one of us knows when to stop arguing and raise a white flag of truce before it gets so bad it can't be fixed.

You might ask, "So Jess, is there any political view that you would find so extreme that you would unfriend?"

Good question. I'll put it to you this way...if I felt such a strong desire to unfriend someone because of their political views, I probably wouldn't have been friends with them in the first place.

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