Saturday, June 04, 2016

Dear Media: Women have been going without makeup for years.

So, Alicia Keys has started a ‪#‎NoMakeup‬ "movement" after writing a piece recently discussing the struggles and pressures of women to look a certain way. And God knows the Huffington Post and the rest of the media are all over this and singing her praises.

This is not a movement, it's one woman's personal choice. It's also nothing new. Women of all ages have been going without makeup on a regular basis for years. 

Alicia Keys has had a personal epiphany which has improved her life and that's great, I say more power to her. But this label of her epiphany as a sudden "movement" is ridiculous. I also hope that it doesn't send the message that women who wear it are vain, lacking in self-esteem or pressured by society.

The woman who chooses to wear makeup because it makes her feel good is no less strong, no less confident, and no less empowered than the woman who doesn't. Instead of #NoMakeup let's encourage women with the message ‪#‎BeYourself‬ which means be your TRUE self in whatever way makes you happy and fulfilled. If that includes wearing makeup---or not---so be it.

And by the way, I wear white after Labor Day, should I start a movement for that?

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