Monday, June 06, 2016

When you know something's not quite right...

I find that I am tired often. Sometimes, at home, out of the blue I'll find myself exhausted and have to nap. I have pain on at least a dozen pressure points on my body. It is hard to get up some mornings. I wear out easily. I also have headaches more often than I used to.  A friend asked me what it feels like and the only way I can explain it to her is that most days I have a dull ache all over, but I get used to it so I don't really notice unless I think about it.

My nurse practitioner did the Fibromyalgia pressure points test and I seemed to have most of them. I've yet to see a Rheumatologist although that's next. I saw one a dozen years ago to be screened for RA after complaining of being tired, but the doctor told me I didn't have it.

There's definitely something off here. Depression, forgetfulness, fogginess, moodiness, inability to concentrate and focus, headaches, exhaustion, muscle pain, joint tenderness and pain in the form of a dull ache all over my body every single day. This is not normal.

I recall that episode of The Golden Girls years ago when Dorothy went to the doctor complaining about the same thing and nobody would listen. The doctors told her it was psychological. Turns out it was a real physical ailment called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A real disorder.

Yes, this could all be related to menopause. I'm in my mid to late forties and my doctor and I have suspected it lately. Whatever it is, I'm going to be doing my own research into this and doing what I can to feel better like getting back to my vegetarian eating habits, more exercise, and reducing stress is a good start. I'm determined to handle this without medication, if at all possible.

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