Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Great American Pot Show is the best comedy you're not watching, but should.

Twenty years ago, while tripping on acid, Michael Edelstein had an idea for a show about pot.

Fast-forward to 2016, Edelstein runs what he refers to as "the best marijuana dispensary in America" in Venice, California. He's a self-proclaimed "pot shaman to the stars" with a ton of celebrity clients. As he says, "Marijuana is America's plant ally."  Edelstein uses pot to unlock creative blocks and he's decided to hit the internet with his new "docusoap" (for all you newbies that's a documentary with elements of a soap opera) educating Americans on the miracle of pot, one crazy-ass YouTube episode at a time!
The pilot episode opens with Edelstein visiting a longtime client, an actor with anxiety issues.  The actor-now-turned-director is facing a whole new set of woes---directing a film with a $60M budget. Edelstein is accompanied by his faithful protégée and partner-in-crime, Lauren Scott who refers to herself as Edelstein's "Shamanic Apprentice". Scott is completely enamored by Edelstein, saying  "Watching Michael Edelstein work is akin to watching someone maybe Jesus walk on water."


As we enter the studio we see Edelstein's actor/director client, Tohoru, crouched on the floor in his office, head in his hands, clearly distraught. Edelstein talks to him and then pulls out the big gun--the best marijuana on the planet that can heal not only individuals but all of society.

Oh, if only it were that easy!

Edelstein introduces a dozen different types of pot to his client that should be in every Director's medicine cabinet. There are different blends for sound mixing, rewriting, story boarding, location scouting, rehearsing, shooting, editing and even---sleep.

Tohoru hugs him while crying. "You're a fucking genius, dude," he says.

Edelstein really is a fucking genius. Who knew you could make a show about pot that would be such a hit?

The first episode is hilarious and subsequent ones are even better. Some of my favorite moments include Edelstein's shop being flooded with shit (we're talking real shit, people!), his counseling of actor Peter Jacobson who battles anxiety and nervousness (where Edelstein refers to himself as a "baked conduit, alternately channeling a chimpanzee and a hedgehog"),  Edelstein trying to get his nephew to take a hit, the cannabis cup competition ("Don't judge weed!"), Lauren "half-baked", and the list goes on and on. You've really just got to watch for yourself.  

The Great American Pot Show is funny, quirky and just...different. The very short episodes make you forget, at least for a few minutes, all the really annoying shit going on in your own life. Now, the average strait-laced, family-show oriented viewers will likely ask, "Why would I want to watch a show about people smoking pot?" and honestly, if you have to ask, you probably won't want to watch. But for the rest of us, this show is a gem. You can't help but love the characters and revel in their misadventures. It's a perfect blend of the hilarious and absurd!

This show is a must-see for people who enjoy and appreciate independently-produced projects, people who desperately need a momentary escape from the everyday bullshit, and most of all...anyone who just really needs a good laugh. 

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