Monday, November 07, 2016

The Real Reason Burger King Retired the "Have It Your Way" Slogan...

...because they don't want you to have it your way, because to have it your way means they'd actually have to do that thing called their J-O-B! 

I was with mom and Aunt JoAnn on Friday and after a particularly long day we stopped at Burger King near the interstate as a last resort because none of us had eaten at all that day. We order via the drive-thru, I give my card to the cashier and she proceeds to run it through--but nothing happens. She runs it through several times and then wraps paper around it and tries again--nothing. It's not declined, she just tells me that it won't go through, can't be read. I tell her it's a new card with the chip in it and that it does work because I've been using it for over a month. Tries again, nothing. The manager goes over there and asks what the problem is and the cashier explains. So we give her my aunt's card. Runs through fine. End of story. Of course I'm still puzzled as to how my card didn't work but my aunt's card did.

Then, when we're ready to pull to the new window, she asks about us paying for the other two meals? I was like "What?" They were all screwed up. I'd just paid for three meals on one order and yet she was telling me that the orders had been billed separately and then looking back she realized she was wrong. (I should've known at that point this would not end well).

Anyway, we get our stuff, I get mom and my aunt home and settled. I check my bank account online for another reason and notice I'm charged the same amount my aunt was charged for the meals.

Since I had to go back to the city anyway, I stopped there, went in and talked to the manager. I had my receipt in hand and proceeded to explain what happened. This one had attitude from the very beginning...

Manager: "There's nothing I can do, I just got here, I wasn't here when it happened."

(I'm thinking " is that my problem? Yes, I knew it happened on a different shift--but that's not an excuse.)

Me: "Well, you can go through the receipts and see clearly that two charges for the same amount were made at exactly the same time." I even give her the name of the cashier who had helped us. I offered her the receipt.

Manager: She refused to even look at the receipt. "You have to contact the district manager."

(At this point I'm remembering my days working in fast food back in high school in the 80s when the manager on duty was attentive to customer questions and complaints, dealt with them to the satisfaction of both the customer and the business, and moved on).

Me: "What? But you're a manager. Surely you can look into this."

Manager (with major attitude and still refusing to see my receipt): "I'm not just giving you money back." Then looks at the schedule and says, "She'll be here tomorrow."

I explained to her I live out of town and no, that's not convenient for me and that I felt there was no reason she could not investigate the situation and fix it there. She shrugged her shoulders and said the manager would be there Monday. I explained that wasn't convenient for me either.

Manager: "Well I don't know what you want me to do, I can't just give you a refund."

Well, I'll admit I had a hundred thoughts about what I wanted her to do at that moment, oddly enough, none of them had anything to do with giving me my money back but I digress... 

At this point, I was exhausted from a very long day and lots of driving. Her lazy, bullshit attitude had already grown quite old and I asked how I could get in touch with the District Manager. She went into the back and returned with a piece of paper and a name and phone number she'd written on it. When she handed it to me, she again said there was nothing she could do (translation: there was nothing she would do) and then under her breath muttered some bullshit about not giving me my money back.

I am not one to give up easily but I try like hell to save my energy for the right battles. I headed toward the door frustrated, not just over her but because I'm really tired of being dismissed when I have a legit customer complaint about something but then I thought "this is just utter bullshit" and I  walked back over there and said to her loud and clear so that everyone in the restaurant heard it. I told her all I wanted and expected was decent customer service, for her to listen to my complaint, do something to fix it, not to be dismissed with an attitude and "I don't know what you want me to go."

I made sure everyone in the restaurant heard it. Believe me, they did.

I will not be dismissed. I am tired of shitty customer service. I am tired of day after day, having to deal with attitude from people who work with the public. If you don't know how to deal with people respectfully and courteously, then you need to find another line of work. And when you are a supervisor, manager, director---when you are in charge of an establishment and other people, you are held to a higher standard because you are the designated leader. The shit falls on you. If you can't handle it, you don't deserve to be the leader.

By now you're probably wondering how much we're talking about here. 


Yep, that's it. $25.46. I could say it's not about the money but...well they did take something from me that does not belong to them so...I want it back. But more importantly it's the principle. They are wrong, I am right. I approached the manager with a problem, she refused to at least attempt to try and solve it, instead dismissing my complaint as if I didn't matter. And I do matter. I'll be on the phone with the General Manager and District Manager if necessary till I get some satisfaction here and then once that's done, I'm going to make sure I tell everyone what a piece of shit establishment that is. It sucks for the hardworking employees there, but you know what--it's about time we stand up to shitty customer service. It's about time we say we're not going to be walked all over anymore. It's just time to send the message that we're just over this shit, just over it. 

And in case you haven't heard, I'm just the one to do it.

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