Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Whether we like it or not, Trump is our President.

I'm listening to all the hype right now about the inauguration and all I can say is whether we like it or not, Donald Trump will be our new President this Friday. You can shout all you want that he's an illegitimate President because he lost the popular vote but we do not choose Presidents using that method. Don't like it? Change the law. Until then, there was no real indication of voting fraud and it seems this man won the electoral vote and --- well --- he is our next Commander-In-Chief. I didn't vote for him but protesting his legitimacy is such a waste of time. I feel that instead of griping and calling for a halt to the inauguration (like THAT's going to happen!), we should be using our time and talents doing something constructive to make America, and the world, a better place. Don't youthink this is a far better use of our time?

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