Glenside, PA 10/30/13

Keswick Theater

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Hugh Laurie at the Keswick Theater, Glenside PA

By Jane Miller Eggert

This night turned out to be the third best night of my life.  My friend and I saw Hugh arrive in his bus around 4pm right after I read a tweet from the roadies that the stage was ready for the sound check.  Sista, Gaby, etc. exited the bus first and then came Hugh.  My heart could have stopped. Around 7pm they let the crowd in. We were 11 rows from the stage and directly in front of  Hugh’s piano bench.

The announcement started and it was obviously Hugh introducing the Copper Bottom Band members. He started off by asking the audience to participate in the song “Let the Good Times Roll” and  that led to more good times.  He included a few songs from “Let Them Talk” but most of the set was from “Didn’t it Rain”. He played the piano magnificently as always. But I found it funny how he moves his leg up and down and still can play the piano without any mistakes.

What really impressed me was how this concert was such a team effort.  Hugh show-cased the talents of his band. Let’s be real, he is Hugh Laurie and could have hogged the whole 2 hours and 40 minutes to himself. I really loved when Hugh, Mark, Vincent and Herman preformed “Up the Lazy River” similar to the barbershop quartet. Hugh played the guitar.

We were treated to the powerful voice of Sista Jean Mc Clain. I cannot put into words how amazing her voice is.  Hugh actually named her the successor to Bessie Smith. She also sang duets with Gaby Moreno and their different styles of singing complemented the songs so well.  Now Gaby and the “Kiss of Fire”, wow! She sang with passion and had on a very seductive face.  I loved the tango with Hugh.

Let’s not forget the instruments.  Each band member was able to show their talents throughout the night and Hugh was more then generous to acknowledge their contributions.

We naturally were treated to the whiskey ritual. The whiskey was delivered by C3P0, I would assume because of Halloween.  But, we almost had a crisis.  Hugh was trying to get the microphone to work and almost dropped the whiskey. Naturally his quick wit was put to good use and he made a statement like “whiskey, mike, whiskey, mike”. Everyone including the band got a good laugh. If you are wondering, he only lost 1 glass of whiskey.

On a personal level, I really enjoyed when he sang “Mystery Train” and acknowledged Elvis Presley.  I was lucky enough to see Elvis live on May 28, 1977 and he died that August.  Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band is the second best concert I have ever attended with Elvis being the first. I would say they are in some pretty good company.

Hugh ended the concert with “Green Green Rocky Road” and everyone was on their feet. When it was time for the encore, they preformed 3 songs! So October 30, 2013 is the third best night of my life.  The first two being the birth of my children and this one because the Red Sox won the world series that night and  not only did I see Hugh’s great concert, but I got his autograph and picture.

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  1. Great show! I have pictures on a web site if you would like to use them.